Thursday, July 1, 2010


PICTURED (top to bottom): Restaurant, Chipotle Honey BBQ Wings, Island Tiki Wings, Teriyaki Chicken Wok Platter, Ginger Soy Salmon, Bacon Bleu Burger.

I had never been to Lazy Dog Cafe ( and the ladies thought perhaps it deserved another try. So off we went for lunch.
We decided to start with an appetizer, and asked for one order of the Rocky Mountain Wings, with half Chipotle Honey BBQ sauce and half Island Tiki sauce. The Wings were good (the Island Tiki was the better of the two), but when we got the tab, we were charged for two full orders.
Sweetie pie ordered  the Teriyaki Chicken Wok Platter, which looked good, but was made with processed chicken that was tough and gristly and a very mediocre Teriyaki sauce. Her mother ordered the Ginger Soy Salmon, which was not bad, but the sauce tasted about the same as the Teriyaki. I will say that my Bacon Bleu Burger was very good; but it wasn't enough to save the day.

Today's Lazy Dog Cafe lunch gets one thumb up from the 3 Tubby Tummys!

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