Saturday, July 30, 2011


PICTURED (top to bottom): Restaurant, Bread with Garlic Olive Oil Dipping Sauce, Chicken Ravioli with Pink Sauce, Large Meat Ball Side, Chicken Parmigiana with Pasta, Lasagna, Italian Sausage Side.

Mama D's
3012 Newport Boulevard
Newport Beach, CA 92663
(949) 675-6262

After our first visit to Mama D's (last year) we decided it was worth repeating. We were in the mood for Italian, and decided it was time to give Mama D's the "consistency" test. We are happy to report that it passed with flying colors. The food and service were both excellent.

Sweetie Pie  ordered the Chicken Ravioli with Mama D's Original Pink Sauce. Mama D's is famous for their Homemade Ravioli, and their Pink Sauce makes them even better! Sweetie also ordered a Large Meatball Side, as did her mother. Mama D's meatballs are the best. Her mother also ordered the Chicken Parmigiana, which she thoroughly enjoyed. I decided on  the Lasagna, which I had seen at another table on our first visit- and decided then that I had to try it. It was as good as it looked, layered generously with meat, ricotta and mozzarella. I also added an Italian Sausage Side, which was delicious- nice and spicy. 

Today's Mama D's dinner gets three thumbs up from the 3 Tubby Tummys.

Sunday, July 10, 2011


PICTURED (top to bottom): Restaurant, Bar, Historic Landmark Plaque, Model Train, Cinnamon Roll, Ham and Cheese Omelet, Bacon and Eggs, Pecan Bacon Waffle, Scrambled Eggs and Sausage.

Ruby's Diner Orange Depot and the Streamliner Lounge
186 N. Atchison St
Orange, CA 92866
(714) 639-7829

When we heard the new Ruby's Diner in Orange had opened, we just had to check it out. We were happy to see that they had preserved the integrity of the historic landmark building, and did a nice job with the Streamliner Lounge bar. The large model train running thru the restaurant was a nice touch too. The Orange Depot is a working train station, and we were able to watch the trains go by and the passengers get on and off the train.

We went for an early breakfast, and were a little surprised to see people already drinking in the Lounge. The food and service were good, but not quite up to the level of our favorite Ruby's in Corona Del Mar.

To start, we decided to share a giant Cinnamon Bun. Sweetie pie ordered her usual Ham and Cheese Omelet and her mother had Bacon and Eggs. I decided on The Combo Pecan Bacon Waffle with Scrambled eggs and Sausage.

Today's Ruby's breakfast gets two thumbs up from the 3 Tubby Tummys.

Sunday, June 12, 2011


PICTURED (top to bottom): Restaurant Sign, G Style Fries, Fried Zucchini, Bacon Cheeseburger, Bacon Cheeseburger, Double Bacon Cheeseburger (with fried egg).

G Burger
421 E. La Habra Blvd.
La Habra, CA 90631
(562) 245-7208

We read about G Burger in OC Weekly, and were wowed by the photos on Yelp, so we decided it was worth the drive out to La Habra to give it a try. 

Everything is very fresh and cooked to order. The service we received was superb. The entire staff was friendly and helpful. The prices are very reasonable compared to other gourmet custom "build your own burger" places ( such as The Counter ). And they don't nickel and dime you for extra sauces and such.

We started off with an order of G Animal Style Fries ( French Fries with Bacon, Grilled Onions, Cheese and 1000 Island Dressing ) and an order of Fried Zucchini. We got two extra dipping sauces ( Blue Cheese and Ranch, I believe ). Both sides were delicious, and we had no trouble finishing everything.

Then came the Burgers. The ladies both ordered Bacon Cheeseburgers with Swiss Cheese, Mushrooms and Avocado. I had a Double Bacon Cheeseburger with Pepper Jack Cheese, Fried Egg, Mushrooms and Avocado. The burgers were delivered to our table, fresh, hot and delicious. We all feel that G Burger is "as advertised" on their website, and hope one will open up closer to home. In the meantime, it is worth the drive to La Habra.

Today's G Burger dinner gets three thumbs up from the 3 Tubby Tummys.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


PICTURED (TOP TO BOTTOM): Restaurant, Chips and Guacamole, Manuel's Special Chile Verde Burrito, Taquitos with Guacamole, Red Chile Chicken Enchilada, Carne Asada Taco, Steak Picado Burrito ( with extra Steak Picado Sauce).

El Tepeyac Cafe
812 N. Evergreen Avenue
Boyle Heights- Los Angeles, CA 90033
(323) 268-1960

Manuel's Original El Tepeyac Cafe is a landmark in Los Angeles, known for their legendary burritos. Sweetie Pie was reminded of it when she saw a report on TV for Cinco de Mayo. So we decided to drive over to Boyle Heights to see for ourselves. We got there early for lunch, to avoid a wait, and were seated right away. The staff was friendly and the service very good.

I ordered the signature Manuel's Special Chile Verde Burrito. It was "as advertised"- huge beyond belief and very good, with lots of tender meat and a great sauce. I couldn't come close to finishing it. The ladies split the Steak Picado Burrito. With extra meat sauce, it looked as big as my order. Sweetie Pie asked for no beans, but got beans in the burrito anyway. Still, it was quite good, and I had burrito leftovers for two days.

We also ordered Guacamole, which was a little bland, but we kicked it up a notch with their great red salsa. Sweetie Pie ordered Taquitos, which were disappointing and dry. Her mother ordered a Red Chile Chicken Enchilada, which was fantastic, and a Carne Asada Taco, also delicious.

Today's El Tepeyac lunch gets two and a half thumbs up from the 3 Tubby Tummys.

Sunday, May 29, 2011


PICTURED (top to bottom): Restaurant; Caribbean Baby Back Ribs, Chicken/Apple Sausage and BBQ Chicken; Original Baby Back Ribs, Chicken/Apple Sausage and BBQ Chicken; Spicy Baby Back Ribs, Hot Link Sausage and BBQ Chicken; Peanut Butter Pie; Caribbean Ribs; Original Ribs; Country Pork Sandwich.

Tulsa Rib Company
954 N. Tustin Avenue
Orange, CA 92867
(714) 602-3463

Over the past year, we have tried Newport Rib Company, Lucille's, Claim Jumper, Blake's Place and Scottie's Smokehouse BBQ. Next on our great BBQ bucket list is the Tulsa Rib Company. We liked their ribs and desserts so much, that we returned a week later. This post combines the two visits.

On our first visit, we all tried the triple combo- Baby Back Ribs, Sausage and BBQ Chicken. Sweetie Pie tried the Caribbean Ribs, and her mother had the Original Ribs. I tried the Spicy Ribs. All were fantastic, but the Caribbean Ribs we voted tops. The ladies both tried the Chicken/Apple Sausage, which was a little on the "mild" side. I had the Hot Link Sausage ( just right ). We all felt that the chicken was a little too dry. We all had the Tulsa Potatoes, which were a great alternative to french fries.

We all shared a piece of Peanut Butter Pie for dessert, and it was so good we ordered a couple of slices to take home.

On our second visit, the ladies each ordered a full rack of Baby Back Ribs ( Caribbean and Original). Even better the second time around. Ever the adventuresome sort, I decided to try the Country Pork Sandwich, with a Hot Link Sausage on the side. The sandwich was so packed full with tender pork and BBQ sauce, that I could barely finish it!

Tulsa Rib Company has a great selection of delicious desserts. We were too full for dessert, but decided to order the Blueberry Cheesecake and Peanut Butter Pie to go.

Tonight's Tulsa Rib Company dinner gets three thumbs up from the 3 Tubby Tummys!

Sunday, May 22, 2011


PICTURED (top to bottom): Restaurant Sign, Firehouse Wings. Collard Greens, Macaroni and Cheese, Cole Slaw and Black Eyed Peas, French Fries, Andouille Sausage, Smoked Meatloaf, Baby Back Ribs and Sliced Brisket, Baby Back Ribs and Smoked Chicken.

Scottie's Smokehouse Barbecue
220 East Katella Avenue
Orange, CA 92867
(714) 997-3894

Scottie's claims to have "The Best Texas style barbecue in Orange Country!" Being the lovers of good BBQ that we are, we decided to check it out for ourselves. We arrived early and were able to choose our seating. The service was just excellent! Our server was friendly and helpful and guided us through the menu. She brought us all the little extras, including 3 different BBQ sauces (ranging from mild to extra spicy). Our food arrived promptly, fresh and hot.

Our appetizers included the Firehouse Wings ( a little on spicy side for us ) and Andouille Sausage ( just right ). For our sides we had Collard Greens, Mac and Cheese, Cole Slaw, Black Eyed Peas and French Fries. All of which were very good.

Sweetie Pie ordered the Smoked Meatloaf, which is smoked with a dry rub and can be enjoyed with or without BBQ sauce. We liked it both ways. Her mother ordered the Baby Back Rib and Sliced Beef Brisket Combo. The ribs were very meaty and tender, with a great smoked flavor. The meat falls off the bone , yet is moist and succulent. Scottie's brisket is the best we've ever tasted. It is sliced thick, and yet is so tender you don't need a knife to cut it. I had the Baby Back Rib and Smoked Chicken Combo. Everything was quite delicious, but the chicken was a little on the smallish side.

Tonight's Scottie's Smokehouse BBQ dinner gets two and a half thumbs up from the 3 Tubby Tummys.

Saturday, May 21, 2011


PICTURED (top to bottom): Restaurant, Chips and Salsa, Guacamole, Combination #3 (steak taco, mini-tostada and chicken sope), Lola's Sopes (trio of sopes), Combination #4- Tour de Mexico ( chicken tamale, cheese enchilada, crunchy picadillo taco and carne asada).

Lola's Mexican Cuisine
2030 East 4th Street
Long Bech, CA 90814
(562) 343-5506

We decided to try Lola's on the recommendation of a friend. It's a very cute restaurant with a nice comfortable feel. The service we received was excellent, and our server, as well as the entire staff, were friendly and accommodating. Unfortunately, we did not care for the food at all.

The red salsa was hot (spicy) but lacking in flavor; and the green salsa had an off taste (almost fishy). The Guacamole had way to much diced cucumber and very little avocado. The taco meat was bland and dry. The sopes were "hockey puck" hard and impossible to cut. The carne asada was tough, thin and wizened. My tamale and enchilada were just ok.

Today's Lola's dinner gets one-half thumb up from the 3 Tubby Tummys.