Wednesday, August 25, 2010


PICTURED (top to bottom): Restaurant, Squash Blossoms, Brussels Sprouts, Haven Burger, Shepherd's Pie, "Not  Hostess Twinkies"

It's been months since we've been to Haven Gastropub in Orange, and they have been getting a lot of press lately and have some new items on the menu. So we decided to see if lunch at the Haven was still as good as we remember it.

We decided to share two appetizers. First the Squash Blossoms- with lobster and goat cheese, beer battered. Dainty, but very delicious! Then the Brussels Sprouts- with Prosciutto and lemon juice. A very generous portion and even better than what we had heard. Definitely a dish for sharing. The ladies both decided on the Haven Burger, their favorite dish here. This burger just seems to get better and better. The house-cut french fries and housemade ketchup are the perfect accompaniment. I decided to try the Shepherd's Pie- with lamb, beef, root vegetables, rosemary mashed potatoes and cheese. It was actually quite tasty and well seasoned, but could have used a little more meat on the bottom and more cheese on top. We decided to share the "Not  Hostess Twinkies" for dessert. Well, they definitely needed more "Italian buttercream filling". Enough said!

Today's Haven Gastropub luncheon gets two and a half thumbs up from the 3 Tubby Tummys!

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