Saturday, May 14, 2011


PICTURED (top to bottom): Restaurant, Sausage and Pepperoni Pizza, Hill Country Salad, Lobster Tail with Baked Sweet Potato, Blueberry Muffin, Mac N Cheese and Grilled Vegetables, Ore Cart Combo.

Claim Jumper- South Coast Plaza
3333 Bristol Street #2078
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
(714) 434-8479

We decided to return to Claim Jumper and use the gift card we had received from CJ guest services last July, after our disappointing 4th of July week-end experience.

We started off with the Sausage and Pepperoni Pizza to share as an appetizer. It came to the table hot, glistening and fresh. It was really very good, with lots of cheese and great tasting sausage and pepperoni.

Sweetie Pie ordered the Hill Country Salad ( with fried chicken). Well there wasn't much chicken, and what was there was dry, bland and tasteless. It did not appear to be a freshly cooked product. A very disappointing entree. Her mother ordered the Lobster Tail ( a seasonal special ). She really loves lobster, but this one was mushy, gristly and discolored on the underside. She had to send it back, and ordered a boneless, skinless chicken breast instead. The chicken breast was good. I ordered the Ore Cat, which is half rack of Bay Back Pork Ribs, Beef Back Ribs and Half Rotisserie Chicken. With my entree, I also ordered a Blueberry Muffin, which was very good (big and fresh) and Mac N Cheese and Grilled Vegetables ( both just "ok"). I have been getting the Chicken and Rib Combo for many years, and I have to say the portion size and quality of the meat has declined significantly. The ribs were a little dry and rather bony. The half rotisserie chicken was smaller than in the past and kind of dry and pale looking.

In today's economy, we can certainly understand rising prices and shrinking portions; but sacrificing quality is not going to keep us coming back.

Today's Claim Jumper dinner gets one thumb up from the 3 Tubby Tummys.

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