Monday, May 16, 2011


PICTURED (top to bottom): Restaurant Sign, Restaurant, Country Benedict, Pork Chops and Eggs, The Big Big Sampler, 1/2 Waffle, Biscuits, Ham and Cheese Omelette, Country Benedict (with biscuits and gravy on the side), Breakfast Burrito.

Arthur's Family Restaurant
240 N. Tustin Avenue
Orange, CA 92867
(714) 997-1850

When we read Arthur's slogan "Best Breakfast in Town", we decided we had to give them a try. We're always up for a new breakfast adventure, and Arthur's has gotten some pretty good reviews. We found the food to be excellent, the portions very large and the prices quite reasonable. The service is excellent, and the staff friendly and accommodating. We liked it so much we went twice in two weeks, and decided to combine both visits in this post.

On our first visit, Sweetie Pie ordered the Country Benedict, which is 3 biscuits, 3 poached eggs served with Ham and smothered with country gravy. Beautifully prepared and quite delicious ( the country gravy is excellent). Her mother had the Pork Chops and Eggs. The pork chops were tender and moist and the eggs cooked perfectly ( over hard but not cremated ). I ordered the Big Big Sampler, which is 3 eggs, potatoes, bacon, ham, 3 kinds of sausages and half a waffle. Not only was it Big Big, but everything was very, very good. I liked all 3 sausages: the sausage links, Italian sausage and Polish sausage. We all agreed that Arthur's country potatoes are the best, and served crispy-the way we like them.

On our second visit, Sweetie Pie ordered a ham and cheese omelette- nice and big, but a little too well done for her liking. Her mother ordered the Country Benedict, but with the biscuits and the gravy on the side. Nicely prepared and cooked as ordered. I decided on the Breakfast Burrito, with scrambled eggs, melted cheese, chorizo, and potatoes. Topped with ranchero sauce and cheese, and served with rice and beans and salsa and guacamole. A Breakfast Burrito to die for!

Arthur's "Greatest Breakfast in Town" gets three thumbs up from the 3 Tubby Tummys.

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